Kairos is crucial
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Kairos is crucial


© privat

Do you enjoy these water lilies?

How about these?


© privat

Two pictures of the same plants photographed on the same day.

In the second picture it requires a lot of imagination and knowledge about water lilies to “see” the potential in the sleeping water lilies. Once they are awake, even a guy like me can enjoy the beauty 🙂

It’s a matter of knowing the plants and the right timing to enjoy them when they bloom in their fullest beauty.

Same applies to our staff. We need to know our team and get the timing right to observe them, when they do something right and bloom in their fullest potential. The kairos is crucial, so that we can catch our team blooming, and can praise the team member appropriately.

Poor managers try to catch people doing something wrong.  Servant leaders catch their people doing something right and commend them in that very moment. This does not imply that servant leaders do not correct mistakes and wrong behavior, but the focus is set on enjoying and confirming the God-given beauty in each staff, rather than looking out for poor performance.

Application: If you observe your staff only in the sleeping mode, pray for the right kairos to observe the staff member in the awake mode to enjoy their God-given beauty. If that does not happen, you might consider approaching your staff, and asked them what would be a good time to watch them bloom, because this is the time, when they are at their best.