Leaders don’t grow if they don’t go
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Leaders don’t grow if they don’t go

In their book “Great Leaders grow” (2012), Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, explain why leaders must keep growing. To become a leader you must be willing to GROW:

  • G: “Gain knowledge” about yourself at first and then about your industry, your colleagues and your business.
  • R:  “Reach out to others” by teaching them all you know and by learning from them.
  • O:  “Open your world,” and seek experiences that will broaden your horizons.
  • W: “Walk toward wisdom” by calling on the knowledge you have learned.

Great leaders do not seek an organizational leadership position unless they are ready to serve others.

One aspect of their “walk toward wisdom” is to ask for honest feedback. Asking others shows that you want to learn from your peers, a key leadership skill.

Pose three important questions to your work colleagues: What should I begin doing? What should I keep doing? What should I quit doing?

Leaders don’t grow if they don’t go – and ask others!

These are my take-aways from the book summary from getabstract. By following this link you can read and download the full summary from getabstract for free within the first three days after this post is published!