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Who do you serve?

  Every leader serves something or somebody. Many leaders serve primarily their own interests. Some prioritize the interests of the organization. Few put the interests of their staff and serve their growth more than their own interests. There was no[...]

Feedback is all you need!

Schlechte Führungskräfte fürchten Feedback – Poor leaders fear feedback Gute Führungskräfte fördern Feedback – Good leaders face feedback Die besten Führungskräfte fördern Feedback zu ihrer Führung – The best leaders ask for feedback       From the Impulskalender4Mangers and[...]

Gras wächst nicht schneller, wenn man daran zieht

“Gras wächst nicht schneller, wenn man daran zieht.” So sagt man in Afrika. Wenn man an Gras zieht um sein Wachstum zu beschleunigen, dann scheint es tatsächlich anfänglich etwas zu wachsen – bevor es kurz darauf abreißt. Gras wächst nur[...]

Good companies are less like dead machines and more like growing gardens

“Company” is derived from the two Latin words ‘com’, meaning ‘together’, and ‘panis’, meaning ‘bread’. The root of the word “company” is the same as that of the word “companion” which means “sharing of bread”. At its core a company[...]

Growing like the tree, that walks

The banyan tree’s branches send down aerial roots that, when they reach the ground, take root in the ground. As they thicken, the roots support the branches which then grow and send down more roots that enable the tree to[...]

To lead others well, learn to lead yourself and to serve others well

The challenge is to understand ourselves well enough to discover where we can use our leadership gifts to serve others. (Ann M. Fudge) Learning to lead yourself well is one of the most important things you’ll ever do as a[...]

Leaders don’t grow if they don’t go

In their book “Great Leaders grow” (2012), Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, explain why leaders must keep growing. To become a leader you must be willing to GROW: G: “Gain knowledge” about yourself at first and then about your industry, your[...]

Führung braucht Ideen

  Führung braucht Ideen Adam Grant in Brandeins Consulting (2017) auf die Frage, wie könnten Beratungshäuser die innovativen Querdenker und Nonkonformisten finden, die frischen Wind und neue Ideen in ihre Organisation bringen? Erstens: Die Personalverantwortlichen sollten Lebensläufe von hinten lesen.[...]

The character of the powerful is revealed by how they treat those who lack power

  The character of the powerful is revealed by how they treat those who lack power “Character is revealed not by how many powerful people you impress, but how you treat people who lack power.” (Adam Grant) The story behind: “Check this[...]